Miracle Toys are used as learning games and activities in schools and early childcare education centres throughout New Zealand:

  • toy libraries
  • Plunket
  • Playcentres and SPACE programme
  • Parent centres
  • Kohangas
  • Coffee groups
  • Daycares and Childcare centres
  • Preschools and Kindergartens
  • Special education schools
  • Home schooling
  • ESOL teaching
  • Children’s occupational and speech language therapy

Cathy Baine runs a literacy enrichment and extension programme at Hamilton East School. Cathy uses Miracle Toys’ magnetic puzzles in her learning programme. “Our children live in a visual world. I think that’s why the Miracle Toys magnets work so well,” she says. “The children find them colourful, bright, fun and easy-to-use.”

Miracle Toys’ educational resources are designed around the five strands of New Zealand’s early childhood curriculum Te Whaariki:

Well-being – The health and well-being of the child are protected and nurtured.

Belonging – Children and their families feel a sense of belonging.

Contribution – Opportunities for learning are equitable and each child’s contribution is valued.

Communication – The languages and symbols of their own and other cultures are promoted and protected.

Exploration – The child learns through active exploration of the environment.

C. Ward
Thank you all very much for your generosity, it is an amazing gift you have given the children and I appreciate having such a wonderful resource to work with.
C. Ward Palliative Care Nurse for children and families