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Share the best toys from your childhood with a new generation of Kiwi kids.

Our hardwearing children’s jigsaw puzzles and magnetic stories range bring a unique and entertaining dimension to learning through interactive storytelling and engaging play.

The Miracle Toys team lovingly creates each piece, individually screenprinting our original Kiwiana designs in vibrant colours using non-toxic inks and lacquers.

With over 60 years in the business of play, Miracle Toys have lots of happy customers young and old!

What our customers say

The Canterbury Playcentre Shop

The Canterbury Playcentre Shop has been supplying quality educational toys for close to 70 years. The beautiful Miracle Toys puzzles and magnetic stories have been a constant in the shop since they began. These are very popular with our customers as they are durable, have a New Zealand focus and are made locally.

Creative Classrooms

Creative Classrooms has been selling Miracle Toy's Te Reo Puzzles and Magnetic Resources since 2017. They are a popular product on our website due to their durability, functionality and uniqueness.  These high quality wooden products provide hours of educational fun and help develop important manual dexterity, memory and coordination skills.

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Miracle Toys are used as learning games and activities in schools and early childcare education centres throughout New Zealand:

✔️ Toy libraries
✔️ Plunket
✔️ Playcentres and SPACE programme
✔️ Parent centres
✔️ Kohangas
✔️ Coffee groups

✔️ Daycares and Childcare centres
✔️ Preschools and Kindergartens
✔️ Special education schools
✔️ Home schooling
✔️ ESOL teaching
✔️ Children’s occupational and speech language therapy

Cathy Baine runs a literacy enrichment and extension programme at Hamilton East School. Cathy uses Miracle Toys’ magnetic puzzles in her learning programme. “Our children live in a visual world. I think that’s why the Miracle Toys magnets work so well,” she says. “The children find them colourful, bright, fun and easy-to-use.”


Miracle Toys’ educational resources are designed around the five strands of New Zealand’s early childhood curriculum Te Whaariki:


The health and well-being of the child are protected and nurtured.


Children and their families feel a sense of belonging.


Opportunities for learning are equitable and each child’s contribution is valued.


The languages and symbols of their own and other cultures are promoted and protected.


The child learns through active exploration of the environment.

Have fun while you learn!

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Proudly made in New Zealand, by Kiwis for Kiwis!


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